Zhang Huan, a contemporary and performative artist, recently announced his debut into the NFT metaverse with a new “The NFT Art Trilogy” series, following the creation of his “Hetaverse” Twitter account. Zhang is regarded as a significant Chinese artist, widely renowned for his early performance art based on existential investigations and social commentary and was celebrated for his multifaceted themes. Decentraland.

Zhang Huan collaborated with the State Hermitage Museum to develop “The NFT Art Trilogy,” which was presented via offline-online NFT curatorial brand EchoX. The Celestial Burial of an Artist, Poppy Fields, and Ash Square are among the latest works to be featured at the Ethereal Aether virtual NFT exhibition of the museum. Zhang Huan asks his audience to engage in The Celestial Burial of an Artist by having them join a virtual game room individually, interact, and try to eliminate his avatar clad in a golden meat suit. Audience member can then choose to mint their encounters into an NFT, which will be combined with 2,500 other NFTs to form the mammoth artwork that will be on display. Sandbox. The innovative piece of work will mark Zhang’s maiden foray into the field of NFT and will be the very first NFT performance artwork in the world. Those interested in participating in The Celestial Burial of an Artist can apply by joining a whitelist. Zhang offers customers a share in the NFT copyright in the form of mystery boxes in his Poppy Fields artwork, which taps into the essence of cryptocurrencies. The piece is a continuation of the artist’s signature series, which was also recently included in the collaborative efforts with Dior Lady Art.