One of the most prominent smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi, has revealed a new type of wireless charging, going away with the need for cables and wireless charging stands. Mi Air Charge Technology permits users to charge a device from anywhere within a radius of several meters. The company hopes to sequentially "turn the whole house wireless."

The Mi Air Charge Technology, at a peak power of 5W each, can charge various compatible smartphones, which is in line with many conventional smartphone chargers. Containing 144 antennae that are said to transmit millimeter-wide waves immediately to a nearby smartphone through the beamforming process--a wireless signal directed towards a precise location, rather than being permitted to radiate in all directions. The 'beacon antenna' then provides the smartphone's location broadcasting at low power. Within the device, it will form parts of a miniature antenna array.

" The other part of the array comprises 14 receiving antennae that convert "the millimeter-wave signal emitted by the charging pile into electric energy through the rectifier circuit." - Xiaomi

Xiaomi envisions itself to provide seamless service from their products, freeing up users to move around while charging, rather than their devices being tethered to a cable. Unquestionably, the idea will need more improvement; they might lessen the size of the transmitter. Once developed to common standards, it will provide universal wireless charging for users.