Following Facebook's renaming to Meta and shift in focus to establishing the metaverse, Microsoft has announced its own plans to create metaverses based on its popular platform Xbox and its games.

Following the announcement of a Microsoft Teams metaverse that would allow users to participate in virtual meetings and calls, the tech giant has now showed interest in establishing metaverses for video games as well. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed earlier this week on Bloomberg TV that the business has various ambitions to grow into the gaming sector. "You can count on us to accomplish things in the gaming industry," the executive said. "Halo is a metaverse if you look at it as a game." Flight Sim, like Minecraft, is also a metaverse. They're 2D now in certain ways, and the issue is whether you can now move it to a fully 3D environment, which we absolutely want to accomplish."

While establishing a full metaverse is a huge task, Microsoft might be close to completing it, especially with the games Nadella highlighted. Minecraft and Microsoft Flight Simulator both accept VR headsets, with the latter allowing users to utilize VR to fly planes with others in a virtual environment based after our own, complete with day cycles and weather conditions. While Microsoft has experimented with projects like the HoloLens, it has yet to produce an AR or VR headset for the Xbox, so fans should keep an eye out for more details in the future.