In this episode of Homeless Penthouse 4K Walkthroughs, our homeless rep Jairo is walking all over New York wearing the iconic orange Hermes throw blanket. Jairo apart from being a man of too much sauce which is obvious by his Hermes drip, is also one of New York's last endangered species. The graffiti scene veteran and overall renaissance man decided to take us on a walk through the WTC and to see what's good on a Sunday.

Making his way downtown, Jairo is surrounded by some of the largest skyscrapers New York City has to offer. The concrete jungle is a place that leaves no man unimpressed. We wander into the depths of a shopping mall that sits inside a gorgeous building designed by architectural geniuses.

Seeing the city hustle and bustle might be stressful for some, but for others it is a never-ending source of inspiration. The grind is what built the city, the grind is what keeps it alive, and people like our very own Jairo are the ones helping to feed it everlasting appetite for greatness.

Watch and enjoy in full 4K. Also, the blanket is available for purchase here at