Williamsburg is a hip community in Brooklyn known for its chic boutiques, stylish cafes and delightful restaurants. The Street art kindles the community's creativity, all spread out in the residential areas and repurposed warehouses. And also, the waterfront presents remarkable views of Manhattan and venues for outdoor concerts, gatherings, and food markets. Nightlife in this neighborhood is alive and bright as dance clubs, bars, and music are evident. It always keeps Williamsburg a chill place for everyone. 

Also, located along the East River in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the 5-acre public park, paying tribute to generations of Domino workers and their families--this park continues to welcome the community daily from 6am to 1am. 

Back in 1856, The site Domino Park is located was the exact place where the largest refinery global, "Domino Sugar Refinery," was established. generating 98% of the sugar consumed in the United States. Then by 2004 it ended its operation on the East River. This somehow gave the chance for another management to come in, who also tried to restore the lifeblood of the urban community by building an office complex with 5-acres of public space at Domino Park, the expanse has been fully revitalized and is presently an iconic spectacle of Brooklyn.

Parks, shops, community groups, infrastructures, people. All these contributes to a community's welfare and improvement. One of the American journalists mentioned in an interview with ArchDaily "Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody,"

Here's a quick day walk by HOMELESS PENTHOUSE on Williamsburg, Brooklyn's neighborhood, featuring its street sides, and Domino park. All of this crispy 4K footage was captured on a brand new DJI Pocket 2 Gimbal Camera, so make sure to check that out if you're into photo/video.