One of New York City's most bizarre neighborhoods, Willets Point is known for its overflowing junkyards, auto shops and piles of damaged cars. Its colorful community is proud of the vibrant mess--which New York was once famous for. Over the past years, several blocks were demolished until almost the very identity of Willets Point has been nearly entirely eradicated. Redevelopment programs demolished small businesses to create new residential neighborhoods, boasting a newly built public school, hotel, and spaces for retails

It is also known as The Iron Triangle; the place was so popular that it was even mentioned in several novels of remarkable writers. One of which was F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, describing it as the "Valley of Ashes". It was also featured in the 2007 film Chop Shop, a 2010 dramatic film by T. J. Collins entitled Willets Point. In 2010 a documentary entitled "Foreign Parts" showed the industry in Willets Point before the redevelopment. And one of the most recent documentary films directed by Prudence Katze and William Lehman was The Iron Triangle detailing the story behind the demolition of the once-flourishing neighborhood. 

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