If you’ve spent any time on the internet or walking around cities like London, New York or Tokyo recently, chances are you have seen his work. KAWS is a graffiti artist who has inspired millions of people to create works of art similar to him. His work uses darker images that might not seem appropriate for children but instead of censoring himself, he has turned it into a business by encouraging adults to wear prints of his artwork.

His work tends to be a little risqué, but in the eyes of millions he is seen as a modern-day Picasso. He does not shy away from using images that society might consider offensive and uses them in an artistic way that makes people think. In a sense, he is a graffiti artist who has been able to make a lot of money from his craft while staying true to himself and the reason why he began creating in the first place.

The interesting thing about this modern day Picasso is that he did not begin painting on canvases but instead began drawing on walls. He would travel to New York City and express himself using spray paint rather than a brush. This form of art is very different from the traditional styles taught in schools, but it has inspired millions around the world to think outside of the box when it comes to their own creativity.

KAWS was never interested in following the trends that were set by other artists, he wanted to create his own form of art that was inspired by the city and people around him. After graduating from college, he was working on building a modern-day brand that would be able to represent him and amplify his voice as an artist.He has been able to turn his artwork into a business and is not afraid to tell the world his honest opinions. The main reason why people love him is because he takes images that are thought of as dark or inappropriate and turns them into something amazing.