She looks like she's in smokers paradise right now!

Black and White | Donne che fumano, Arte del fumo, Ragazze interrotte

On the contrary to popular belief, smoking can still be stylish, if done very well. There are a few  super cool accessories like ash trays to accompany you on your journey to smokers paradise. They will without a doubt make you look distinguished and classy.  

1. Chanel Ashtray

COCO Ash Tray – homelesspenthouse in 2020 | Ashtray, Ash trays, Coco

The Chanel ash tray is a Parisian luxury accessory that features a high quality organic build that will add a lot of value to your smoking experience. It has a nice weight to it, so the wind won’t catch it.

2. Murakami Ashtray

Takashi Murakami | TAKASHI MURAKAMI x COMPLEXCON Flower Ashtray (Black)  (2019) | Artsy

The Murakami ash tray takes on a similar build to the ash tray below, but this time sporting a cheerful happy flower at the bottom. Who doesn’t want to a delightful smile facing them as  they puff away on their smoke sticks.

3. Third Eye Ashtray


Open up your chakras to the third eye ash tray. This ash tray is a spiritually inspired object that may aid the meditative experience smoking can bring. 

4. Palace Ashtray

Palace Tri-Ferg Cermaic Ashtray Gold

They triangular Palace ash tray is one that takes classy to the next level. Featuring gold plated details and engravings, what can get better than this. This is a very luxurious and great looking ash tray that is available today here.