Today marks the release of DON'T LET IT DIE, HIDDEN PPL's first full-length project since its debut self-titled EP back in January of 2021. With the possibility of HIDDEN PPL being a one-hit wonder still looming, we wanted to know even more about the anonymous bedroom pop singer, and tracked down his real identity earlier this year.

It comes as no surprise that the mysterious singer behind HIDDEN PPL is yet another industry newcomer. At just 18 years old, JACKSON WANG has already made quite a name for himself since releasing his first single, "YOUNGER BOY," back in August of 2020. And it doesn't take long to realize why once you press play on HIDDEN PPL's newest project.

For one, JACKSON's voice is incredibly versatile. The singer croons like a dream on tracks featuring soft guitar plucks and minimalistic beats (like "HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK"), but can also hold his own with fast-paced, synthesized vocals that are nearly unrecognizable.

HIDDEN PPL's debut single, "ROMANCE IN THE PARK," is an excellent example of JACKSON's vocal range. The song's upbeat, electro-pop sound is filled with catchy synth riffs that are accompanied by equally fun lyrics about wanting to take his crush on a date to the city park. On the other hand, songs like "DREAMER" and "I AM WHO I AM" are slower yet carry just as much emotion.

The latter of which holds more meaning behind it than you might think. JACKSON believes that if you're someone who has dreams or aspirations that make them truly happy, then they should never stop pursuing what they love — something that's definitely carried over through HIDDEN PPL's music.

One of the main reasons why JACKSON has enjoyed so much success is because he isn't afraid to show his true colors. Although his collaborators on DON'T LET IT DIE are all talented artists in their own right, JACKSON is the man behind them all. "I could have easily chosen to work with high profile producers and DJs from other countries," he says, "but I wanted HIDDEN PPL's music to be a representation of me."And as for the future? JACKSON's next project is already in the works. "I wanted to make sure I had my own sound before releasing anything again," he says, "but now that I do, you'll definitely be hearing more from HIDDEN PPL."