Also called a "children's book for hipsters". Andy Warhol's Index book contains pop-ups and pullouts. According to Andrew Roth and Martin Parr, it is an interactive collection and was cited as one of the most influential artist's books of the century. 

The Index book features a compilation of interviews, art inserts, pop-ups, photographs, recording discs, and life descriptions at the Factory."

It is one of the most important documents on Warhol's life as it covers almost a span of the psychedelic era back in New York's 1960's glimmering paths. Here's a note from on the accurate details of Warhol's Index (Book): 

  • Note: lacking holograph postcard. Sticker tabs along 3-page margins. The balloon melted and stuck to two pages at rear - but that is part of the book design and was done by Warhol in all the books as a practical joke on the reader.
  • Attachment details: An elaborate pop-up paper castle attached to two pages above the incredibly prescient declaration "We're attacked constantly;" a bright red paper accordion attached to the intersection of a folded page; a colorful pop-up paper airplane attached between two pages; a paper disc with announcement & blurbs about Warhol's film Chelsea Girls, now loose but complete with loose spring & clear adhesive stickers; a folded paper geodesic structure with images of a nude, hairy-chested photographer, attached with black string to a circular sticker attached to a page; 
  • Attachment details: a 7" flexi-disc, paper with plastic grooved film on front side with image of Lou Reed, a colorful two-overlay cut-out paper nose on the central section of a three-fold page; a pop-up paper Hunt's Tomato Paste can between two pages; a sheet of stamps still attached to a page with unbroken perforations & text.