The supermodel Kendall Jenner shared a photo of herself with her boyfriend, NBA star Devin Booker, in the country over the weekend during their New Year's vacation in an unknown location in South Africa. However, what has caught people's attention is not the destination nor the romantic getaway that they are having, but a gold band on Booker's ring finger.

The New York Daily News reported that Jenner and Booker got engaged during the break, with some fans even congratulating them on social media. However, a closer look at the ring shows a small stone in it as opposed to a diamond. There have been no further details about their relationship status going forward, though some sources believe they are just having a quiet celebration as the New Year begins.

On Twitter, Jenner's fans find it hard to believe that she and Booker will tie the knot anytime soon. One wrote, "Y'all need to stop saying kendall jenner is engaged because you can clearly see there's a ring and an opal and it's not a diamond ring."

Another added, "Kendall Jenner is engaged to Devin Booker? lmaoooooo I don't think so. The ring has an opal in it which means they are not engaged."

However, if their engagement was indeed real, the news would be another notch on Jenner's already impressive dating track record. She previously dated A$AP Rocky and Harry Styles, but eventually went on to date rapper ASAP Bari for a brief period of time.

The Inquisitor previously reported that the model and NBA star were reportedly spotted making out in public while he was still with his ex-girlfriend, Iggy Azalea. Talk about complicated relationships! Sending the internet into frenzy, Kendall Jenner's vacation photos have sent fans of the model and of Booker, who plays for the Phoenix Suns, into a frenzy. Fans are of the opinion that they must be on some kind of romantic getaway during New Year celebrating their engagement or just having an intimate time together. Either way, this has gotten fans talking about their relationship.