By now you have probably noticed that the fall decor is being put out on display at stores. Although I love to see seasonal decor, it does have a tendency to make the house look disjointed. So how do we incorporate these items into our existing home decoration? It can often times be overwhelming, but these tips should make it easier. Here are some easy ways to incorporate seasonal decor into your home:

1.) Start with your entryway to utilize a table-top arrangement or wreath with the season's theme displayed - this is also a great way to welcome guests as they enter your home. If you're not sure of your style, keeping it monochromatic - with a similar color scheme or shade variations of the same color.

2.) Add items in to complement the colors in your room. If you have an orange room, add in some fall apples or corn stalks to give it more visual interest and bring out those oranges.

3.) If you are using a centerpiece with fruits and vegetables - keep the arrangement simple. This can easily overpower your room. You don't have to use all of these at once, but just pick two (three max) items in one color range, then repeat on another side table or shelf for balance.

4.) Check out your local farmer's market or garden center for the freshest and most interesting seasonal decor. You can definitely utilize the fruits, vegetables, pumpkins, gourds and branches that are typically available for purchase there.

5.) Add some sparkle to your holiday decor with a red or green metallic bow on another table around your house.

6.) If you have a fireplace, use greenery to complement the season and highlight it. You can also add candles in glass vases with festive seasonal picks around your home.

7.) Add some cozy items to your living room - like blankets or throws that fit well into your color scheme for winter holiday decorating, or pillows and accessories for summer decorating. If you have a summer porch or patio, this is also a great time to bring out some of your outdoor decor and add it to your house.