Ideas for designing a home office don't have to be space consuming or expensive. Many creative and innovative ways exist that can save you money and eliminate wasted spaces.

The clutter-free alternative: A desk placed in front of the window is an excellent idea, as you can still look outside while working on something else. Make use of any natural sunlight to brighten up the room.

Incorporating function and style: Incorporate a Murphy bed with drawers, so that if you have unexpected guests then your extra bed is already set up in the wall and ready to use. If space is limited, a combination of built-in cabinetry and storage can store away items that may be unnecessary but are too precious to throw out.

Creating a chic desk: If you can't afford to buy new furniture, then you can always try painting your old tables and chairs. Having the table and chair with similar colors creates a more polished and chic look; saying goodbye to tacky or cheap looking office furniture.

It doesn't have to be monotone: Incorporate different kinds of textures, such as having a glossy work table with wood paneling on the wall. It also helps if you have a few lamps to increase more lighting in your office but still emanates that chic and modern vibe.

Giving the desk character: Before painting your old furniture or buying new ones, take out any drawers and see if there is a design or pattern on its back. If possible, paint that part first and then the front to achieve consistency in your style.

The material makes the difference: Choose wood that you like, whether it's light colored or dark to contrast with the furniture around it. Varying wood types make up the desk is also acceptable as long as you choose one color to be consistent.