Welcome to the capital of the United States! Washington, DC (District of Columbia) is home to all three branches of the U.S. government and many international associations and 174 foreign embassies. Interestingly, it is known for its rich history; thus, highlighting several historic national monuments and famous museums like the Smithsonian Institution and many more.

An extraordinary city with impressive personalities, as explained by many historians. D.C. is known for its federal busy-running town, an exceptional international centre, with several scenic tourist stops; Washington's role as the United States capital often dominates its energetic local history and its multifaceted political, economic, and social issues. About half the land in Washington is owned by the U.S. government, while several thousand people in the metropolitan area work for the federal government.

Boasting itD.C. is also considered a cultural center of the U.S. because of its many National Historic Landmarks, museums and historical places such as the Capitol and White House. Washington, D.C., is home to the National Mall, which is a large park within the city. The park contains museums like the Smithsonian and the National Museum of Natural History. The Washington Monument is located on the west end of the National Mall.

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