Streaming has been a way of moving people for years, from operating video games to working in real life with a camera to run your daily life or ventures with friends. You may even have your preferred streamer. Popular streamers started rising when people streamed themselves playing different games for fun back then, which became a vocation for the most committed streamers as time went by. Most successful streamers can now earn large amounts of money while entertaining people and creating their own brand. 

Back then, streaming was all concerning games, but there is a trending rise of new streamers from all over the web with a lot of other activities across the years. Even though gaming streams are still the most significant thing, we now see big "IRL(in real life) streamers" who carry their viewers with them in their everyday lives, similar to a vlog, but on a live video with a live chat to communicate with. 

Here are tips and tricks on how to get started. Streaming can be done in straightforward ways, but it can also be an advanced high-quality production where several things have to succeed. 

Set a Realistic Goal for Your Streaming

As a live streamer, you unconsciously set streaming goals as well. You want to reach a certain number of subscribers or broadcast at least once a week. You should write them down, According to goal-setting theory, your chances for success increase when you actively set goals: your motivation, self-confidence, and productivity soar. To be an effective streamer, you should use plans to mark your progress and growth.

Choose the Right Game-Streaming PC

Investing in the right hardware is one of the most efficient ways a streamer can save. Streaming services and software have attained a long way in use-comfort, but you will likely need to buy a few physical gadgets to make your streams come to life. A lot goes into a computer that makes it fit for streaming, so this requires the most in-depth explanation.

Familiarize yourself with the different Streaming Platforms

Choosing a streaming platform to set up your channel is the first crucial thing to get into this. There are several platforms on the rise, and you'll need to find the best suited for your preferences. Here is a list of several biggest platforms for streaming.

  • YouTube is a website that everyone knows and has been using at some point in their life. YouTube has always been known for videos, but recently they started to get a grip on the business's streaming side, with the YouTube Gaming section. 

"YouTube Gaming is a great place to stream, especially if you already have a YouTube channel, or want to have one. We are already starting to see big streamers go towards YouTube instead of Twitch, but there is still a long way to go before they can compete with Twitch. "

  • is the current chief of streaming platforms and has been for several years. In 2011 it created a space for gamers, and since then, a lot has happened—currently, the central hub for gamers, artists, musicians, and various streamers. By far, it is the most major streaming platform, which means that it is also the one with the most competition between streamers. It may be a bit difficult to start at Twitch, and It will take special skills to break through on the platform. 
  • Facebook is actually getting into streaming, It has been possible to stream on Facebook for a long time, but it wasn't before that gamers started to use the site for real. With a lot of criticism for its streaming business, we have seen big Counter-Strike tournaments partnering with them without much success. It seems like a gamble for now, but it might be worth it in the end. Collaboration with other streaming platforms is currently happening.
  • Mixer  This site was launched in 2016, owned by Microsoft, and made to be a real competitor for Twitch. They haven't made a break-through, yet but somehow Mixer is starting to get somewhere. It is actually an excellent place to start a streaming channel since the number of streamers is not that high, and it is easier to make a name for yourself on the platform. With that said, you have to keep in mind that the traffic on the website is pretty low, reflected in the viewer numbers.

Best Graphics Card for Game Streaming

To proceed, you'll be needing to invest in the right core parts. Your online and offline activities would be a strenuous task for a processor and graphics card, mainly because your computer is already using resources to power the game itself. There are loads to consider, and it would need a lot to run it all down here. You can check out our Youtube Channel for more details on this article!