The buzziest collaboration in the world of fashion this year is Virgil Abloh's Nike-Jordan collab, which comes in both revealed and unreleased iterations. What's flying under the radar is Virgil Abloh's The Brilliance, an early project that merged fashion and art.

Benjamin Edgar and artist Chuck Anderson were working on a bloggy project called THE BRILLIANCE before Virgil Abloh was known as Virgil Abloh.

Anderson has embraced fine art, operating NoPattern Studio in Chicago, where he works with painting, photography, and other creative activities. He has also turned to writing as a means of expression.

With a forthcoming Jordan Brand collaboration, remixing a series of 23 Engineered clothes with his warped, tech-y art, Scott is getting some time in the limelight.

Anderson also worked on Virgil Abloh's "The Ten" Nike collab in 2017. As it turns out, one of the earliest hints at what became that partnership came from another collaborator: Chuck Anderson. The artist worked with Virgil on an activewear line called THE BRILLIANCE for his fashion blog, which predates Virgil's design label Off-White by a couple of years.

The earliest iteration of THE BRILLIANCE happened in 2009 before Virgil Abloh became Virgil Abloh.

"We had three different collaborations, two of which he did with me," says Edgar.

The collaboration between Jordan Brand and Chuck Anderson comes in the form of remixing each of the 23 garments in its Engineered Garments x Jordan collection with pieces from three Off-White collections (currently untitled resort 2018, SS18, and FW18). That means that there's a chance to see how Virgil's own designs might have looked if he chose to work with Anderson back in 2012 when the 23-piece capsule debuted.The Jordan Brand collaboration with Chuck Anderson drops in two color ways. According to Highsnobiety, prices are set at $220 USD for each jogger pant when purchased individually, or $1,275 USD when bought as a full collection bundle.