The auto-salvage business has been seeing a boom in recent years, with many people buying classic cars to restore for pleasure or investment purposes. One of the more interesting trends that's emerged from this entrepreneurial and creative endeavor is the transformation of vintage automobiles into sofas and chairs. These upcycled vehicles are not only stylish additions to any home, but also serve as functional pieces of furniture that can be used in the living room or even outdoors. This trend began after designers began taking old car parts and putting them together to make unique designs. The sketches they came up with were then molded into polyurethane foam through a process called "foaming," which is basically an injection-molding technique that is used to create amazingly life-like replicas. The key to making these whimsical couches and chairs look like original vintage models is getting the exact measurements of the car's interior parts, such as the steering wheel and seats. It takes about two weeks for a professional builder to build one big sofa or chair, which is made from the frames of four cars. A small sofa or chair can be built from two car shells, while a single shell will usually make a coffee table. Most of these unique pieces are sold for anywhere between $3,000 and $4,500 per piece.

Making use of discarded cars has gained popularity in recent years because not only are these pieces unique, but they also carry a sense of nostalgia. Old cars can be transformed into anything from tables and chairs to desks and even bike racks for your garage. From the outside looking in, you'd have to look twice to realize that this junk car is actually an upcycled work of art. There's no shortage of creative minds out there, and this Etsy seller is definitely one of them.