Out and about, Versace finally released their Spring/Summer 2021 collection, highlighting a whole new set of sneakers, entitled the Greca. One thing the luxury label is known for is making its mark. Available in several variants, they come in a unique design, inspired by various canvas leather sneakers covering it with the house's motifs and patterns

The Greca is embraced in a deep-sea "Trésor de la Mer" design, featuring an iconic "Barocco" print, and a "Medusa Amplified" logo duplicated pattern, as well as leather pairs with differing Versace logo and others that are plain, colored in blue and pink, and a small logo on it. 

The midsole features Versace's Greca logo repetitively, while on the opposite side, there is a detailed tonal logo flashing on it. Here's a quick look at all the color ways and styles. You can grab a pair from Versace and other boutiques around the world.