The first remarkable collaboration between the famous artist behind the popular brand Girls Don't Cry/Wasted Youth, Verdy and Alex Moss New York--diamond specialist, to create a jewelry collection featuring a limited edition of Verdy's Girls Don't Cry/Wasted Youth brand. 

There's always a first time for everything, they say. Here's for the first collab for Alex Moss New York and Verdy's first jewelry collection. Highlighting the glamorous rings, necklace and bracelets made out of pure gold, with inestimable stones, varnished with a glossy polish and AMNY branding. A 13-piece jewelry collection and six will only be available for purchase via raffle exclusively at Isetan Shinjuku. These brilliant GDC pendants are available in rose gold, silver, and gold. Also Wasted Youth Logo Ring and Pendant are in stock. Check out the series of photos for more info.