Japanese toy brand Medicom Toy has revealed that it will release a set featuring its new 100% and 400% BE@RBRICK versions of Vincent Van Gogh's impressionist masterpiece 'Country Road in Provence by Night'. The set will comprise 400% and 100% versions of the painting made out of BE@RBRICK material, which are both available in limited quantities worldwide. It will also come with a ticket to an upcoming 'Collecting Van Gogh' exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum that runs from July 20 until September 10.

The 100% BE@RBRICK was created with a new mold and stands at 28cm tall. The 400% BE@RBRICK is made using the original mold owned by Toei Animation in Japan, which has been renovated especially for this project. It measures 45cm in height (55 cm including pedestal), and 50cm in width. The set also includes an exclusive color-printed box, and will cost 28,080 yen.

Japan is better known for its love of all things cute than it is for impressionist paintings so this collaboration between Medicom Toy and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum comes with a pinch of surprise. With Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' already having received the BE@RBRICK treatment, this is another one to watch out for.This 400% BE@RBRICK will be produced in the limited edition of 1,000 pieces. The 100% version will have a limited edition of 600 pieces.