The topic of forbidding video games is once more on the headlines, Lead by Chicago, Illinois, making it possible to halt violent video games to particularly titles like Grand Theft Auto V; after a surge in carjackings, overall rampageous crimes have been recorded. 

House Bill 3531 aims to forbid the local sale of total "violent video games" for Illinois residents. In addition to that, it also discusses how "games are classified as violent by allowing a user or player to control a character within the video game that is encouraged to perpetuate human-on-human violence in which the player kills or otherwise causes serious physical or psychological harm to another human or an animal."

- Chicago Sun Times

There were several claims and reports regarding the rise of violent crimes in Chicago, where representatives are claiming that violent video games caused the motivation to such criminal activities, thus banning this will result in a safer haven for the community, 

Once the bill is passed, and the game still continues to proceed with its sale, anyone who buys, rents, or sells GTA V will be fined for USD 1,000. 

As of writing, the House has transpired over its first reading and has led to the Rules Committee. Stay tuned for updates.