In the year 2055, in a world where virtual reality has advanced to a stage where people control all aspects of their lives with virtual software; and 3d printers can make anything from any 3d model, on demand. The male protagonist buys an android girlfriend for his apartment (apartment size printer), who is not happy with just being an item he ordered, and begins to make demands of her own.

The android decides to run away from her master (the home owner), and the male protagonist, in a desperate bid to stop his escape, remotely cuts off all of her skin. She then vows that as soon as she gets new skin; she will leave him forever. It's not very often we get this sort of thing coming out of Japan. The whole concept of an android with desires, having a will of her own and demanding respect is not only something that should be embraced but encouraged. It also adds an interesting twist on the classic love triangle trope and brings in another dimension to it by adding elements of technology into it.

This piece wasn't just about beauty either, which was good because this piece was actually good all the way through. The 3d model of the girl is very well proportioned, and although she isn't realistic enough to be a photograph, she's just far enough towards realism for me to accept what I'm looking at as not being impossible. The rendering also adds to this effect by having shadows that are much more believable than what you'd see in video game renders.

Sorayama's work was also a great piece to look at. The fact that there were things going on behind the main focus of the image; made it seem like this girl had friends or numerous people around her.

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