Known for its punk-fused, American influenced streetwear styles. Jun Takahashi's famous fashion imprint UNDERCOVER has epitomized the essence of 'Japanese cool.' Takahashi was born in 1969, grew in the humble home at Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. 

While studying Fashion Design, together with his classmate Nigo(founder of the famous fashion brand A Bathing Ape), they discovered the brand Undercover. By 1991, Takahashi developed the brand and furthered into its collection, showcasing his Autumn/Winter '94 collection in Tokyo. Then later on debuted with his Undercover Spring/Summer '03 collection in Paris Fashion Week. With his remarkable works, he was awarded by the Japanese daily newspaper Mainichi.

In 2001, he established his studio in Tokyo, designed by an architectural group, Keith Dytham; He calls it the Undercoverlab. He continues to mesmerize the crowd whenever he joins the Paris Fashion Week. His stores in Southeast Asia, particularly Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Tokyo, actively resonate Undercover's brand's totality. The label also got the chance to feature its unique pieces at Rei Kawakubo's retail concept in London. With more and more collaborations, Jun Takashi continues to mark the world in surprisingly diverse fields.