The Italian Architect/ Designer who helped found the Memphis Group, Ettore Sottsass and his monumental furniture are deeply rooted in seminal figures of postwar thinking, redefining design's impact on modern life. He has significantly contributed to postmodern designs. He continued to produce unconventional furniture and influence several remarkable and inspiring works of famous furniture designers. Also, several museums from London and Chicago archived his collections for his exemplary fine works of art. As Sottsass unveiled his Mobili Grigi--a far-out bedroom collection during the Eurodomus 3 trade show back in 1970, part of his collection was a vacuum molded plastic and cast fiberglass, featuring a curved profile of long wavy hair. Which is now revolutionized, producing a limited edition of what is now called the "ultimate strawberry" or Ultrafragola

Designing this piece was Sottsass' way to pay homage to femininity--the curves of a woman's body, choice of elements of her anatomy. And as of today, not just women, but everyone across the globe adored it, as the producers use the original 1970 mold for this limited edition piece

In 1983, one of the most radical designers that are also well-known to fashion historians was Cinzia Ruggeri, in one of her photographs taken back then featured an Ultrafragola mirror in her studio. Another famous artist that acquired this piece for his home was Karl Lagerfeld. He purchased it from a french interior designer Andrée Putman. And so did James Mansour--head of store design at Limited, who bought several mirrors for his outposts. 

By 2012, the Ultrafragola was featured several times on magazine pages. Thanks to more designers and artists who bought it either for their apartments and/or studios. Namely, Nicolas Ghesquière--Louis Vuitton creative director, Alex Eagle, and the London-based fashion investor Eiesha Bharti Pasricha. From 2017 to the present, Ultrafragola was sought even more. It became one of the most favorite mirror pieces in the world of fashion and design. There goes, Stylist Laurel Pantin flexing it on her Instagram, Interior Designer Raquel Cayre, sold it to Bella Hadid, Famous Frank Ocean's mirror selfie with his #ootd, CEO of striped-clothing line La Ligne Molly Howard that featured it in her studio dressing room, Influencer Devon Lee Carlson's mirror selfie, and Lena Dunham with the Ultrafragola who was featured in the fall issue of Domino. 

Everyone loved it, and it has been the talk of the town since the seventies. According to Sasha Bikoff, "It's the ultimate selfie mirror." As Keith Johnson of Urban Architecture and Poltronova's U.S. retailer emphasizes, "They're the antiques of the future.