Tyrrell Winston, the American-born artist whose work combines painting and sculpture with installations in public spaces is set to unveil his latest solo exhibition at Stems Gallery in Brussels. The exhibition, entitled “Family Values” will be the artist's first solo show in Brussels since his critically lauded 2012 exhibitionFantasy.”

“Family Values” explores the deceptive promises of suburbia—the gated, tidy lifestyle he considers a “wicked little nightmare.” Winston’s recent projects have addressed the tension between capitalist dystopian values and our innermost longings, seen in playful works like My Little Pony (2011) and Bed (2012).

This time around, Winston is less interested in creating cute characters than presenting something more grotesque. His new exhibition doesn’t shy away from taking on some of the most touchy subjects in the US, not matter how uncomfortable it may make viewers.

Having grown up in the suburbs of Washington D.C., Winston has always been fascinated by the neighborhood of his youth—the blandness and conformity that were so carefully curated to look invitingly beautiful, but hid a much darker reality.

For the exhibition Winston has produced a series of paintings that he explains are “inspired by suburban space and suburbia as an extreme living environment.” He continued, “Beyond what I have experienced in my youth there is also a kernel of America itself—an imaginary hellish landscape of conformity, blandness and isolation.”Winston certainly isn't alone in his disillusionment with the American Dream—a term that even has its own Wikipedia page . Winston's work on “Family Values” is on display at Stems Gallery in Brussels from 4 November to 8 December.