Twitter has become the latest community to react to Walmart’s video titled “A brief history of virtual shopping technology” which details its foray into the metaverse. It turns out that the metaverse may not be what the world wants, as response to the movie has been tepid, yet with "metaverse" being one of the most used words in 2021, people are not looking forward to this actually becoming a reality.

Back when the video was originally released during SXSW in 2017, “metaverse” was not even a thing and so no one paid too much attention to it. However five years later it seems that people now have a problem with the idea. Twitter has seemingly been flooded with negative tweets about the video since its release, as users struggle to see why they would want to enter Walmart’s metaverse if it is anything like what this video shows.

One user called Cat Lange even went so far as to compare entering Walmart’s metaverse to entering a library, saying that she finds the idea of wearing a VR headset at all times just to browse books “creepy.”

Another user, going by the Twitter handle @All_About_Art said: “Oh great, now I have to decide between which big box company will possess me in their metaverse.” While another user called Noctus said “I feel like I'm watching a weird ad for a dystopian video game, but from the alternative 1990's.”

There were also some users who seemed to enjoy the idea of this virtual shopping trip, which was originally seen as a way to get rid of long lines at Walmart stores. One user called Monique J Dukes said: “This looks awesome. Can't wait for this when I'm at Walmart in 2025,” while another user called @apatterson33 said “I am so on board with all of this... minus the part where it is 2 minutes long.”However, despite some negative feedback, some users are still excited about the possibility of VR shopping.