On iOS, the social media network's $2.99 per month premium subscription service, Twitter Blue, has introduced NFT profile pictures. Users can now attach their NFTs to their profile pictures.

Twitter Blue users with an iOS device now have access to the social media platform's early access Labs feature, which enables them to download the NFT profile picture feature. On Instagram, the likes of CryptoKitties and Decentraland are already using it. Users can easily add their NFTs to profile pictures; however, it will need to be in the form of a static image and JPEG or PNG format.

Once added, other users can tap on the profile picture and learn more about the project and view its metadata.  With this new introduction, Twitter has included multi-display support for NFTs, showing users how it is possible to view multiple NFTs at once.

Twitter has yet to allow for animated NFT profile pictures, but it will be interesting to see if Twitter's roll-out of this feature could prompt the platform's adoption of blockchain technology. At press time, Twitter did not respond to CoinDesk queries on its interest in the technology.

Blockchain is a hot topic at Twitter headquarters, and it has seen several high-profile employees leave its ranks to join the decentralized finance sector in recent months. Last week, for example, Yessi Bello Perez, Twitter's director of product management in charge of blockchain initiatives, left for CoinList.

Users can display their NFTs as their profile photos using the functionality, which links to their cryptocurrency wallets and displays them. Users may also click on the profile picture to learn more about the project and view its metadata. The notary public displays NFTs in a unique hexagonal form, indicating authenticity and proof of ownership. The ability to record video and audio while moving was made available to testers in iOS early access Labs.Twitter currently supports only static image NFTs in JPEG or PNG formats, although this will change soon.