Daniel Dumile, popularly known as MF Doom, is exceptionally recognized with his smoky voice and flair for wordplay, supervillain platform persona, and signature mask. A British-American rapper that made his way to being a remarkable artist and producer in the music industry. 

His initial songs encouraged a sustainable track outside of the system. With his music, he was able to navigate labyrinthine patterns, pop-culture detritus and SAT vocabulary words. His impact went far beyond his awe-inspiring skills in rapping. Beatmaking and Writing were also his aces with numerous breakthrough collaborations. His influence manifested in the other musicians' output over the past few years — rappers, singers, and producers in the hip-hop world and beyond it.

Everything that glitters ain't fishscale

Lemme think, don't let her faint get Ishmael

A shot of Jack got her back it's not an act stack

Forgot about the cackalack, holla back, clack clack blocka

Villainy, feel him in ya heart chakra, chart toppa

Start shit stoppa be a smart shoppa

“Figaro” from Madvillainy

The passing of a supervillain evoked sorrow to the whole world. "Dumile's demise" Doom's death was announced via Instagram by his beloved wife. Paying tribute to the ultimate rap genius, Homeless Penthouse presents a True Origin Series on MF Doom and his exceptional legacies to the hip hop world.  

Y’all can’t stand right here

In his right hand was your man’s worst nightmare

Loud enough to burst his right eardrum, close-range

The game is not only dangerous, but it’s most strange

I sell rhymes like dimes

The one who mostly keep cash but brag about the broker times

“Rhyme Like Dimes” from Operation Doomsday (1999)