Famous for his striking works of art that influenced a whole generation of artists, George Condo is a contemporary visual artist, who majored in music theory and art history at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. His love for music introduced him to a band where he met Jean-Michel Basquiat. This encounter made him decide to pursue his career as an artist in New York. 

Sometime around the 1980's he then worked at Andy Warhol's factory, working on his famous series on Myths. After a while, he then moved to Los Angeles and courageously launched his first solo exhibit at Ulrike Kantor Gallery. His popularity rose and gained global attention. He travelled to Germany and launched another solo exhibition. One of his most famous work was displayed, entitled: The Cloudmaker.

© George Condo/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Dancing to Miles

His travel to Europe gained him more attention and collaborations with several artists as well. Condo and Keith Haring became friends as they continued to produce several collaborations back then; one of his famous works, "Dancing to Miles", was completed at Haring's studio--which was then included at the 1987 Whitney Biennial. Another remarkable collaboration initiated was Condo's partnership with William S. Burroughs; in the span of 8 years, they have painting and sculpting masterpieces exhibited at Pat Hearn Gallery in New York and several writings and etchings that were also published in 1991. 

Known for his astonishing album and book cover arts, and launched collab projects with several icons such as Danny Elfman's Album cover, Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Album Cover, and Jack Kerouac's Book of Sketches, and many more. If you'd want to take a closer look of his magnificent masterpieces, here are the list of Museums that you can visit: Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston, the Musee Maillol in Paris, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Stalliche Kunthstalle Baden-Baden in Germany, and the Albright-Knox Museum in Buffalo, NY. You may also check out HOMELESS PENTHOUSE Youtube Video on George Condo's fascinating Art Journey; take a glimpse of the living creations of George Condo here and now!