Launched in 1992, the profoundly prosperous FUBU clothing line started in Daymond John's home in Queens, New York. The original acronym was "Five Urban Brothers United", then later updated FUBU definition to "For Us By Us". Along the way, the FUBU brand quickly grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise, currently with young people of all races. Offering t-shirts, jeans, and baseball caps, all featuring the unique FUBU logo. 

Hip Hop artist LL Cool J helped endorse the brand back in 2003, where John persuaded him to do it, which initiated a rapid boost in sales and found a great reputation among African Americans and white teens and young adults; This led to a huge impact on the annual sales of the brand. Although FUBU no longer operates in the United States, it made John a multimillionaire who wrote books and gave lectures about business success. The company he founded prevails as a symbol of African-American entrepreneurship, one closely linked to the extensive popularity of Hip Hop. Get to know more about this remarkable streetwear brand at HOMELESS PENTHOUSE YouTube Video on TRUE ORIGIN: FUBU. highlights the founders of the brand; here's a brief description of the humble founders that created FUBU and made its name known worldwide. (feature photo of each founder)