It's not a question of whether or not trucker hats have hit the runway, it's which one. From Marc Jacobs to Jeremy Scott, and from Jean Paul Gaultier to Christopher Kane, the trucker hat—once a staple on the heads of tough-looking guys driving 18-wheelers across America—has gone haute couture.

The trucker hat trend is just one example of a larger "uneven and asymmetrical" design movement, which has been gaining steam in recent years, as pointed out by the New York Times fashion editor Vanessa Friedman. The designer Jeremy Scott's spring/summer 2012 collection for Moschino featured plenty of quirky trucker hats that looked as if they had been chopped in half. Jean-Paul Gaultier's couture fall/winter 2011 show, meanwhile, featured a pair of towering trucker hats that evoked the Statue of Liberty.

For some designers, like Marc Jacobs, the inspiration is vintage: his collection from this season included trucker hats fashioned out of little more than fringed leather, with the brim folded down the middle. For others, like Christopher Kane and Stephen Jones of Galliano (the design team behind Mr. Jones's hats for the British singer Florence Welch), the appeal is closer to home: they have both created trucker hats in collaboration with their respective boyfriends.

As it turns out, trucker hats have been all the rage in London for a couple of years now, and Mr. Kane says he has had his eye on them ever since they started popping up around town. "We're always looking for new interesting shapes; it's part of our job," he said. And when he spotted a pair worn by his boyfriend, the British model Ben Bradshaw, it was the perfect opportunity to "make a version of something that's on the street and in my life."

But why trucker hats? "They're really simple and basic—the ultimate accessory," Mr. Kane explained. And they go particularly well with asymmetrical hair, which is currently popular on the London scene. "All the boys look great in them," Mr. Kane said, pointing out that he himself tends to wear them with a cap—which is, after all, their original purpose.

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