Tristan Eaton has recently entered the NFT market with a set of works titled EMMA. The renowned SoCal-based artist returns with a follow-up, appropriately titled the Generative Electronic Museum of Metaverse Art (G.E.M.M.A).

G.E.M.M.A., a collaboration between Eaton and M, uses program to produce a randomly generated two-decade retrospective of his work, merging his hypnotic art with collaborative technology. On January 12, a total of 50,000 pieces will be created, each worth 0.1 ETH. Eaton produced phony cereal boxes, each of which featured a G.E.M.M.A., in a similar way as previous work, which has injected humor into the TrustoCorp style. NFT for the buyer to add to their collection.

"This is a very different offering than anything I've done in the past," Eaton told CoinDesk in an email, adding:

"I believe that every item in this museum comes with a story and a personal experience associated with it."

"The beauty in the experience of collecting is that it's a very personal one," he continued. "People have their own reasons for choosing to collect what they do and I'm really excited to see how collectors piece these together in their own way."

G.E.M.M.A will be much more than just a static presentation and presentation of the work. To create a truly infinite and ever-growing art catalogue, G.E.M.M.A will generate new pieces over time through algorithmically generated iterations inspired by Eaton's work.

"The key to this project is that it will never stop," Liu said in an email to CoinDesk, later adding: "this is not a static, one-time offering. It's something that will change and grow over time.""I love the idea that this will be an evolving museum of art," Eaton told CoinDesk about his decision to make G.E.M.M.A continually generate new artworks through its supplemental codebase blockchain . "I think it will be really interesting to see how this evolves as time goes on."