More and more home owners are looking for gold hardware in their kitchens these days… but is this look too trendy? I’d say that it’s trending right now, but will always be a classic fixture choice. So what do you think? Is gold cabinet hardware too trendy… or perfectly regal?

I personally LOVE the look of gold builder level hardware, but I’ll be honest: it won’t really “age well.” In all honesty, both silver and gold will always be classic fixture metals. But let me ask you this: if you went with silver, would you think that it was too feminine for your house? Silver is a much softer color than gold and might really look dated in ten years (no matter what style home you have).

I’ve had people tell me to go with bronze hardware because it has more of an antique feel. The problem is, it’s not a great color for a kitchen. So, for now… consider that gold will always be classic and silver will always date quickly (too much of anything is just as bad as not enough sometimes).

If you’re still unsure what metal to use in your kitchen, keep these things in mind: the most important thing is to stay true to style. A modern (or even slightly contemporary) kitchen can really benefit from a classic gold look. And, it will last the test of time. If you have a more traditional home and you’re still on the fence about whether or not to go with silver or gold, consider that silver is used everywhere in older homes.

If your home was built in the early 90s or earlier, it’s safe to say that you should go with gold. And if your home was built between 2000 and 2015, silver is probably a better choice.