Bucket hats first appeared in the early twentieth century in Ireland, where it was largely used by farmers and fishermen to shield themselves from the rain. Hip-hop and skate subcultures then helped them break into mainstream fashion into the 1980s and 1990s, and they are now currently a favorite option among fashionistas. With a broad, downward-slanting brim and a flat crown, the hat has a distinct look. You may get them with shorter sides, and the brim can be flipped for improved viewing and vision owing to the flexible fabric structure. This accessory design is simple to fold, so you slip it into your pocket, and you are good to go.

Here are some of the best bucket hats and how to dress them to perfection, whether they are worn with a chic suit or just plain sweats.


Gucci is known for having some of the most fashionable designs and styles in the business. It began in 1921 with luxury travel items and horse equipment and is now one of the oldest names in fashion and in the world. The interlocking GG emblem, as well as the green and red stripes, are instantly recognizable and frequently appear on current GG clothes and accessories. Its items, now designed by Alessandro Michele, blend in very classic elegance with vivid patterns, vibrant colors, and provide a sense of richness.

Brown or Khaki

Add a bucket hat with a brown or khaki hue to up your look throughout these colder months of the year. The warm-toned colorway would look fantastic when coupled with other warm-toned tops and adds up as a great finishing touch to a variety of outfits. Choosing a casual suit or a t-shirt combo in brown, khaki, or navy for any smart casual occasion. For a sleek and sophisticated style look during the winter, pairing a camel overcoat with dress shoes or sneakers is the way to go.

Classic White

The classic white bucket hat can complement a wide range of skin tones and is a perfect accent to any outfit. This item is a fantastic way to bring any look together for people who prefer light ensembles. Adding bright hues like green, blue, and red to complete the ensemble and make it stand out. With so many options to choose from, you are free to mix and match and find your next favorite.

To this day, the humble bucket hat is still as fashionable as ever and can be seen on the streets of fashion week all around the globe. Check out hideout.ny for more bucket options you can choose from!