There are many ways to incorporate wooden crates into a design scheme. They are either flat, or rectangular. The look of the boxes can be aged with age and wear you want to add, or if you have limited space, they can be stacked on top of each other. A great way to display photos is by piling them up in a stack of crates.

Crates are a big part of my decorating... and crafting! I use them as tables for gatherings, photo holders, candle holders, bookshelves and more. They add a relaxed touch to any room! A tip on finding crates; visit your local grocery store or bakery! They are always throwing them away. You can usually find a large stack of crates in there somewhere just waiting to be used again as something beautiful!

Book storage: I love having books around, but never had enough room for them all... until I started using wooden crates. They're the perfect size for storing books! Just cover the crates with wrapping paper and you've got some unique book storage.

You can also cover the crates in wallpaper or decorate them with paint to give them a special treatment. Another great idea is to attach metal handles so they're easy to move around and stack up on top of each other! If you want a less permanent solution, use hot glue for temporary handles that are easily removed and won't damage your walls.

I also use wooden crates as photo holders for events, parties or family gatherings. Just create a cute sign to go on the front and you have an instant photo holder! Cover it with burlap to give it a rustic look and hang black string lights from the hooks on the sides of the crate! For a super simple, yet adorable photo holder, check out available crates at Homeless Penthouse Magazine.