Face masks have lately emerged at the lead of fashion trends as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, designers added this part of their product--becoming a hot-ticket for these brands to create. Specific styles have heightened a status symbol, much like an It-thing in past seasons.

The latest reports shows a huge demand for designer fashion masks. Data showed popular searches from thousands of stores and millions of consumers, particularly Marine Serre's X R-pur face mask and Off-White's arrow logo face mask.

A simple black mask with a print of Virgil Abloh's double arrow logo trademark--an Off-White's pride on their black masks, plus Marine Serre's limited-edition mask with red and blue moon logo design; both of these topped the search platform's from 2020's last quarter. 

While it may be too early to know the future for sure, masks are certainly at the centre of fashion for the moment. Designers have hooked on to this tide, as well, from the high street all the way to sportswear. Several labels like Reebok, Gap and LoveShackFancy have been manufacturing face masks due to popular demand. 

"On Lyst's site, there are over 300 masks from over 40 different retailers. Don't expect those numbers to go down anytime soon." --papermag.com