The hype is on! Since Day 1, McDonald's and Travis Scott's successful collaboration became the talk of the town--particularly the Twitter realm.

Starting September 2020, one of McDonald and La Flame's sought after collection is the infamous Chicken McNugget cushion--something for the perfect meme this year on "expectation vs. reality". 

A $90 body pillow shaped like a McDonald's chicken nugget was swiftly sold out, and shortly, the reselling costs went through the roof. One Tweet said, "The only chimken nuggies that can fill the void in my soul when I'm falling asleep at night." and in another tweet, "Awful taste, but great execution. This is def material for.". 

Now you can get to snuggle with your favorite snack. McDonald's Chicken McNugget Pillow

There were thousands of threads on Travis Scott x McDonalds chicken nugget pillow; reviews were also popping online. Though buyers would seem to show a pinch of remorse once they got their packages. Such thoughts flooded the social media, but even so, some are happy about it, and just shrug it off with the fact that they own a huge chicken McNuggets from McDonalds x Travis Scott.