Travis Scott has unveiled a new merch collaboration with Japanese fashion label Fragment Design. The one-time release includes two pieces, an oversize hoodie and a pullover sweatshirt, both emblazoned with the KAWS designs that first appeared on the cover of Travis Scott's album 'Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.'

Travis Scott's Instagram page is currently featuring 15 second video clips promoting the new collaboration. The brand, which is headed up by modern streetwear pioneer Hiroshi Fujiwara, has worked on two co-branded T-shirts (which boast KAWS' signature cross motif) and an accompanying tote bag featuring the album title 'Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight'.

The 'Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight' merch range was first teased by Travis Scott on his Instagram account which showed a short video of KAWS and his wife, ONO. Rounding off the drop is a collaborative snapback cap that also features KAWS' 'XX' motif. The merch is a limited edition release and has been made available soon.

Discussing his special relationship with KAWS, Scott says "Kaws and me, we met years ago through mutual friends like Virgil Abloh. He's always been cool with my boy Matt [i.e., Matt Prince] who manages me. We always wanted to do something, but it was just timing and having the right songs and the right vibe for it."

"He's such a legend," Scott continues. "When I found out he was down for doing this project with us, I lost my mind! We went in the studio and did some Kaws-inspired songs and now we got this merch. It's crazy!"