Following the Astroworld catastrophe, which resulted in numerous fatalities and injuries, the petition "Bring Travis Scott Back to Coachella" has been deleted. Scott's termination was a result of the tremendous public and professional backlash. However, it appears that a petition to have Scott reinstated to the festival was created earlier this week following the revelation that he had been removed from Coachella 2022's performing acts.

The online petition, which was started on and has already amassed over 70,000 signatures, in only three days. When the program began, there were 70,000 unemployed individuals. However, in a single night, the figures plummeted from 70,000 to under 5,000. A user named Issa Amato began a petition encouraging the retailer to carry more Hanukkah-themed products, including menorahs and candles. According to reports, after its engineers noticed “fraudulent behavior,” the petition was removed. “Our team discovered patterns of fraudulent behavior and deleted the signatures that were visible on this petition,” it continued. told NME, in another statement:

“It was discovered that the petition contained fraudulent signatories, and they were removed. After further examination, our staff discovered that the petition had been tampered with numerous times, necessitating its complete removal.

We are dedicated to providing a positive user experience and, as a result, we prioritize accuracy and fraud detection. We have a number of automated systems and teams that are committed to identifying and removing duplicate or phony signatures as well as other fraudulent activity.”Fans rushed to Twitter following the news of the appeal, expressing their concern on the situation. Some fans believe that since Coachella replaced Scott with Kanye West, Ye will make an appearance on stage. "Coachella replaced Travis Scott with Kanye West," one person said. Another added, "Would you be surprised if Kanye West brought out Travis Scott at Coachella?"