There's Something brewing from the App store that will definitely help you record memorable go places for food trips and fun times, presenting Step: Culture Map, which aims to assist users in international and local voyages. This is a tech company led by a group of women that launched a platform to share and save individual's recommendations together with other users. Step: Culture Map would be beneficial, especially with those who have their favorite spots and restaurants saved across several apps like Google, Yelp, or Apple Notes, gathering them all in one platform. Genius, isn't it?

According to the creators, "Both Robyn [Nicholl] and I were constantly sending our friends long lists of recommendations we had stored in multiple places – notebooks, iPhone notes, Google sheets… You name it! Step is the tool we had been long searching for, so we decided to build it ourselves," 

It actually includes any physical space, including restaurants, bars, museums, hotels, shops and gyms. Once the user opens an account, all they need to do is bookmarking their preferred places, where they can share it with friends and family via their profiles. Interestingly, there's an option to personalize the list by putting remarks or adding images.

Here are several screenshots of the app, check it out and head over to App Store to try it out yourself. The Step App will be available for Android users in early 2022.