Known for its bear-shaped figure, Bearbrick has produced a series that became a sought-after piece in this modern era. Since 2001, a series of collaborations started making collectible figures in different sizes such as 400%, 800%, and 1000%. What makes it remarkable is its rare and dedicatory essence in collaboration with iconic high-end brands. These limited edition sets are being sought after by pop artists, toy collectors and enthusiasts. Some of the explicit collab with Chanel and KAWS has already marked a distinction among art dealers and enthusiasts, to the point that these have high prices on auction and online sites. Here's a list of the most expensive 1000% Bearbricks sold in auctions. 

Emotionally Unavailable. This was a collaboration with Edison Chen and Kybum Lee's brand, featuring a translucent Bearbrick with a red her on its torso. It lights up like a dimly lit lamp. It's available in two other variants, the black and blue heart.

Hebru Brantley. Featuring Brantley's iconic colors and design character, he also collaborated with A Bathing Ape's starks hoodie. 

Mastermind Japan. Another collaboration features a glossy black and gold Bearbrick with an explicit logo of Mastermind in gold details. This piece is one of the top ten most expensive Bearbricks sold online. 

Daniel Arsham x Snarkitecture. Arsham's signature designs feature a decayed sculpture which was evident in this remarkable piece. It may seem a minimalistic Bearbrick, but it was sold at a higher price online due to its fine limited edition series of a plaster sculpture.

Readymade x Mickey Mouse. One of its famous characters is Mickey Mouse, created by a brand known for using surplus garments in their masterpieces. 

Sorayama x Daniel Arsham. An ultimate cross-over of two iconic artists, Hajime Sorayama and Daniel Arsham's collabo piece, features a half robot and half-decayed bearbrick. This piece was released to commemorate the NAZUKA 2G gallery opening in Tokyo, which debuted with a show featuring collaborative artworks made by Arsham and Sorayama.

KAWS Dissected. Brian Donelley's artworks has made a remarkable impact in the contemporary art world, here's a piece featuring half of KAWS Companion and a Dissected version of a bearbrick. 

Readymade x A Bathing Ape. This collaboration features the iconic "Shark" hoodies, and the famous BAPE camo pattern printed on half of the jacket. 

Karimoku. Handcrafted in Japan, this bearbrick is remarkable! Karimoku is a respected Japanese wood furniture company that's been around for 80 years. Due to the craftsmanship required for each of these Bearbricks, this piece is quite pricey among the other bearbricks mentioned. 

Chanel Bearbrick. A Model designed back in 2006 by the legendary creative director Karl Lagerfeld. Featuring the classic Chanel outfit, the Chanel Jacket and pearls. Last November 2019 this piece was sold at Christie's auction for USD30,000. This is the ultimate Bearbrick grail.