Furniture has played a significant part in our lives; it is the very backdrop that makes us comfortable and uses it for storage, sitting, and sleeping. But beyond the basic needs, furniture expresses an individual's style. In the eight century, archeological research shows the essential element of furniture as it was present and has been part of society's need even back then. 

As furniture design progressed, the revolution gave birth to Modernism. Highlighting the great possibilities of opening the furniture mass production, new materials and techniques such as tubular steel and wood-bending. We've compiled several remarkable designers and their exceptional chairs to appreciate more of what novelty has brought us into this very age. 

"The modernist focus was on creating clean, light, functional furniture, with smart material use that could be mass-produced affordable across the globe."

LC2 Grand Comfort, Petite Modèle armchair 

Designer: Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier remains a controversial figure, but this Swiss-French designer never ceases to amaze everyone with his remarkable crafts. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture, and the functionality of his furniture complements its clean geometric form and efficient spaces. The LC2 Grand Comfort boasts its tubular steel "corset" elegantly staples to the ground with its goose-down cushion blandly resting on the metal frame. Simple and finesse, the cube remains to be fine as it is functional.

Nelson Platform Bench 

Designer: George Nelson

An American Industrialist and a lead designer for Herman Miller furniture. With many milestone designs and recipient of various prestigious awards, George Nelson was and is one of the most prominent figures of modern design. Designed in 1946, highlighting the rectilinear lines made with polished chrome, ebonized wood legs, and are in three lengths. The 1955 Herman Miller catalog states that the bench "has proved to be one of the most flexible and useful units in the collection." The bench was reintroduced in 1994. 

Noguchi Coffee Table 

Designer: Isamu Noguchi

For almost 60 years, Isamu Noguchi, a Japanese-American artist, has been recognized for his artwork on furniture gardens, ceramic and architecture. Highlighting the modernist furniture introduced by Herman Miller, the Noguchi Coffee Table is a graceful sculptural composition, which has a precisely understated and impressive 3-piece balancing act.

F 51 Armchair and Sofa Suite 

Designer: Walter Gropius

The founder of Bauhaus School, Walter Gropius, also considered one of the grandfathers of modernist furniture, brings to us a cantilevered framed armrests highlighting the cushions and its bottom sofa look like it hasn't touched the ground. The F 51 Armchair and Sofa Suite boasts its weighty form as it "levitates". This amazing furniture was crafted back in 1920 and continues to mesmerize the incredible functionality of it.  

Medicom Toy x A Bathing Ape ABC Camo Hizikake Chair 

Designer: Karimoku

Legendary clothing brand A Bathing Ape (Bape), collectable toy manufacturer Medicom Toy, and wood furniture manufacturer Karimoku joins together for a remarkable collaboration to create this majestic Camo Hizikake Chair. Boasting its minimalist frame with its organic patterns in a light brown tone, highlighting the signature green camo pattern.