So you're interested in buying a Takashi Murakami piece? Thanks to his fame and well-known art, you can easily find many places online that sell original and sometimes even reprints of works by the Japanese contemporary pop artist.

Murakami has released many different designs over the years, so be careful when purchasing pieces to ensure that what you're getting is something he designed; sometimes fakes are made by taking his original concept and changing it.

We've compiled a list that includes all the best places to buy original, limited edition merchandise by Takashi Murakami.

Golden Flower Boy

This is one of Murakami's earliest paintings. It's an original (not a limited edition), and the only piece that was done with oil paints. There are no replicas for this one.

Flower Neon Light

This piece is a pictorial representation of a neon light. The figure is based off a real person, who gave his consent for the painting to be created.

Flower NFT Prints

This is a limited edition print by Takashi Murakami, and it uses the 3D technique of NFT (nano tech-fabric paint). There are five prints in total. This one features multicolored flowers on a red background. A beautiful paper print with an exquisite frame that may be used as a wall decoration.

Flower Sculpture

This is a limited edition sculpture by Takashi Murakami that features the signature "Flower" that can be hung or placed anywhere around your home. It was designed with the use of 3D modeling software.

Murakami x J Balvin Canvas Print

This was created by Takashi Murakami, influenced by J. Balvin's song "Ambiente". This is a limited edition print that you can have printed on canvas or paper with different color schemes.

"Panda Family" by Murakami 

This is another collaboration between Takashi Murakami and the fashion house, Saint Laurent. It was one of four designs created for a 2016 Yayoi Kusama exhibition. Each print features a different item from the collection, including an original bag design done by Murakami himself.

Happy Flower Sunshine Ball

This is a limited edition print by Takashi Murakami under his Kaikai Kiki studio. It features the "Sunshine Ball" that's featured in many of Murakami's paintings and sculptures, such as "Little Colorful Sunshine." It was created with traditional printing techniques.

The Murakami Panda

This design was created for an exhibition held at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. It features a fusion of pop art and traditional Japanese aesthetics. This is a limited edition print by Takashi Murakami, and it features a panda with multicolored hair.

The Murakami Eames Chair

This was designed by Takashi Murakami, taking inspiration from the Eames plastic chair. This is a limited edition design, and it's only available in white.

Flower Pillow

The iconic plush pillows. This is a must-have for your bed or sofa, as well as being a great streetwear home collection starter pack. Takashi Murakami's well-known motif is reproduced on this UTAKAMI FLOWER PLUSH, which has a petaled version of the front side and a serene smiling one on the reverse.