When it comes to picking a sofa, there seems to be an unlimited number of possibilities, just like everything else in this day of limitless choices. You may believe you precisely know what you want, but the designs, shapes, and personalization options might be daunting when you step into a store or explore photos online. We have listed down a few tips you could consider in order for you to have a clear picture of what you want in finding the right sofa. Look to save time, money, and potentially – buyer’s regret.

First and foremost, think about the size. If you have a larger living room, you will need to figure out how much space you want your sofa to take up. Do you wish to add any additional sofas or chairs? Are you looking for a coffee table? If that is the case, a basic sofa or one with a modest L-shape would be ideal. Look for a couch with a rounder form that takes up a little more area and gives a lot of seats if you are searching for a sofa that will be the main point in your living space. If your living room is small, you will probably need a smaller couch. With little space, any sofa or couch will be the center of attention, so choose something that is not only functional but also has a practical design that can carry and complement the rest of the area.

Determine how the sofa will be positioned. Analyzing your lifestyle is the first step in successfully organizing your living space. What do you spend the most time doing in that area? Do you prefer to unwind in front of the television? Make sure your couch is facing that way. Do you occasionally host game or wine nights? Form a semicircle (or perhaps a full circle) around the table in the center. Is your family accustomed to lounging, relaxing, and reading in the living room? Arrange the chairs and cushions around the sofa to create several seating spots that may be enjoyed alone or in larger groups.

Consider which shape will work best in the space. Now that you have determined the function of your couch, it is time to choose which form would best assist it to achieve that goal. A sleek L-shape is ideal for dividing open space that needs to be segregated, such as the living room and dining room. Having a round shape is more suited to a smaller space that can be used as a meeting spot for people in groups, but it may also work well in media rooms.

And lastly, when it comes to picking the right material used in your couch, aesthetics is essential, but utility is crucial. Many of us would want to sink into a soft, white suede sofa – they are so comforting, but they are also very hazardous. If you have dogs or little children, suede may not be the best choice. Leather, especially in deeper colors, is always in trend, ages well, and is relatively easy to maintain. Another option is to have your sofas upholstered in weather-resistant fabric. Sunbrella textiles, which resists sun fading, stains, and water, are now widely available. Many outdoor furniture businesses also provide loveseats and outdoor sofas that are basic and traditional in style and can be placed indoors as well.