Some things never change, even when Tiffany & Co. breaks into new territory. The premium jewelry brand’s all-too-glamorous touch is still being applied to otherwise modest items, raising the ordinary to the exceptional. Tiffany’s new collection, which is only found in Tokyo, follows suit, drawing inspiration from the company’s heritage of manufacturing sports trophies for a line of luxurious and game-ready apparel.

Tiffany has created trophies for a variety of athletic events, like the Larry O’ Brien Championship Trophy for the NBA Finals and the Philip F. Anschutz Trophy for MLS champions, to mention a few. A Tiffany trophy is given to a variety of American sports champions, including PGA game-topping golfers and the owner of the Belmont Stake-winning horse.

Tiffany tackled a little less extravagant but not less sumptuous challenge in developing its new sports collection, which debuted just in time for the two-year anniversary of their collaboration with Cat Street, its conceptual outpost, by drawing on its sports history and devising new themes. A Gilbert rugby ball, soccer ball, two skateboards, and basketball – wherein the other two were made by Spalding – are all painted in Tiffany’s signature blue. All are made of durable leather or sturdy wood and have Tiffany branding and the adorable Tiffany @ Cat emblem.

This is not the first time we see high-end brands creating patterned balls to be used in games. Several others were just presented as part of Louis Vuitton’s recent NBA capsule collections, while Versace also previously distributed a number of both balls and boards. Nonetheless, Tiffany’s sports line is seen to be more practice than some of its past attemplts, and the mediums are a natural fit for the brand, which has always tended toward eccentric adaptations.

Except for the rugby ball, all of the newest sports products will be made exclusive to the Tiffany @ Cat Street shop and are only available until August 31, 2021.