Each purchase will support the victims of this tragic fire in the Bronx. On January 9, a devastating fire in a Bronx apartment complex left at least 19 people dead and dozens more injured, making it one of New York City's most deadly fires in decades. The fire was caused by a faulty space heater that had been running for days, according to fire officials.

Fire damaged or destroyed hundreds of structures throughout the state, including many in South Carolina. Many people have been injured, some severely, and others were forced to flee with little notice. Ricardo Rodriguez, a bronx-native streetwear and sneaker expert and owner of the No Marketing firm, noticed a chance to give back to his community and assist the victims.

To help bring more awareness, he created this "TSPTM" t-shirt (TSP = This Shirt Was Made) available for purchase here.

Each purchase will be accompanied with a note of encouragement or condolence that will be sent to the fire victims.

"We wanted to do something proactive and positive rather than just sitting back and doing nothing," Rodriguez says. "We understand our customer base is mostly streetwear- or sneaker-focused so we wanted to bring awareness to an issue that was relevant in the city itself. We all realized it was a tragedy, and with No Marketing's ability to be creative with brands, we felt this was something we could actually do."

"It's pretty simple," he says of this endeavor. "We feel like we want to make a difference."

Rodriguez says that all profits will be donated to the relief fund, and No Marketing will match any contribution made by their customers."Hopefully with every purchase of this shirt, you are sending out an encouraging message to the victims of this tragedy," he says. "This is just our way of giving back."