Karl Lagerfeld’s powerful and personal style transfers nicely into toylike figures, including virtual versions of it, with black suits and sunglasses offset by white tops and his signature ponytail. The company has released its first set of NFTs in the form of digital figurines a week ago, in honor of the late designer’s birthday. The Dematerialized, a digital fashion and lifestyle marketplace, has already sold a number of the exclusive animated figurines.

The initial edition of the collectible will cost 77 euros and was only made accessible to 777 people – “7” being Lagerfeld’s lucky number. Collectors are also able to alter the style and clothing of the figure through successive digital releases, according to the Lagerfeld business. The second version, released with a more chrome-like finish, like an unearthly light and futuristic surrounds, was considered a more luxurious version of the avatar, was offered for 177 euros in an edition of 77.

People who have coped the avatar and also own an iPhone were able to use augmented reality technology to share photos of their figures in various situations. The NFTs allude to the designer’s love for cutting-edge technology as well as his self-description of his own sense of style. Lagerfeld has definitely memorialized himself in a variety of ways during his lifetime, including ones with Tokidoki, an Italian manufacturer of Japanese-inspired collectable miniatures; such as a door stopper wearing a biker jacket and Fendi fur charms.