Revolutionary, they say. The NYC streetwear brand Supreme greatly influenced the fashion world. It became famous for setting trends in both fashion and street culture. An Interview initiated by hypebeast features the founder of the Supreme brand, intending to discover its very ethos.  Jebbia emphasizes the brand's ultimate respect for the skate lifestyle, its grittiness, and the streets' authenticity. He personally is interested in unfiltered, authentic skater lifestyles. 

"The influence was the people who were around the shop–the skaters. They would wear cool sh*t; they wouldn't wear skate clothes…It would be a Polo, it would be a Gucci belt, it would be Champion. We made what we really liked. And it kind of was a gradual thing. From a few tees, a few sweats, a pair of cargo pants, a backpack. But the influence was definitely the young skaters in New York."- Jebbia

It may have started by simply selling clothes to the NYC skaters, as Jebbia saw an opportunity in the market whereby giving them the coolest and hyped up fashion in the streets. As it continues to emerge in the ever-changing fashion society, Supreme's philosophy encourages open-mindedness into the millions of possibilities. 

"I never really even thought of [Supreme], in the very beginning, as a business. It was more of a hangout spot. You know, a place for that specific crew... It was raw…it was a specific attitude, and probably the DNA is [still] there now, but it really was a pure New York City kind of street skating." - Jebbia