Pointman from Futura is easily recognizable by art enthusiasts and graffiti aficionados today. The otherworldly figure has appeared in a wide range of mediums, such as incense chambers, large-scale sculptures, limited-edition posters for the US soccer team paintings, and even on NFTs.

Medicom Toy, a Japanese toy company, also created collectable toys from the figure. Collaborations included A Bathing Ape, Levi’s, and Nike. Futura was then able to continue developing their own brand, Future LABORATORIES, as a result of many other initiatives with the Pointman. The brand also teamed up with Descente, a Japanese technical apparel business, to put the Pointman on a variety of electrical equipment. The Pointman definitely became Futura’s trademark piece, and it was a must-have for many fans.

Probably the most well-known artwork from Futura was their Pointman series. The Pointman’s remarkable story started in 1988. The cover art for UNKLE was commissioned to Futura. The Pointman then made its first appearance on their debut album “Psyence Fiction.” The Pointman was designed by Futura as a robotic created with an extended head that resembled a spaceship. People has said that anyone would not have heard of Pointman if it hadn’t been for the project with UNKLE. The triumph of Pointman also coincided with the success of the album itself.

Futura’s modern art pieces featuring the Pointman have been shown in plenty of major worldwide exhibits and museums and have also sold over thousands of dollars’ worth on the global art market. Their towring FL-001 Pointman sculpture, which was displayed as one of the pieces in Futura’s “Generation Z” exhibit at Tokyo’s The Mass, sold over $150,000 USD at an auction at Sotheby Hong Kon in 2019. Futura’s studio practice has also invested in 3D printing services over the last few years with the goal of producing a Pointman in-house. Their most recent exhibit, “FUTURALAND,” at Hong Kong’s BELOWGROUND, featured new works as well as a whole new world where the Pointman lives in.