A new collaboration between LOEWE and Studio Ghibli is on the way. After taking cues from My Neighbor Totoro for a Fall 2018 capsule, Spanish luxury brand LOEWE taps another one of Hayao Miyazaki's beloved films to inspire some new looks for Spring 2019.

For this latest collection, it looked to Spirited Away, a 2001 Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature. Miyazaki's film centers on Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl who is leaving behind her friends and family to start a new life in the suburbs—or at least that's how it seems. When exploring her new home one night, she finds an abandoned amusement park only to be whisked away to the mysterious world of spirits and monsters known as the Land of Enchantment.

There can be no other film more fitting for this upcoming release than Spirited Away, not only because it's helmed by Miyazaki but because it is LOEWE's favorite Ghibli piece. "It's such a layered film with so many symbolic meanings, but it's also really fun to watch," creative director Jonathan Anderson tells us. "It just makes you feel great."

Anderson worked closely with Ghibli itself on the collection to ensure that every piece was entirely representative of Spirited Away. The film is filled with fantastical characters and creatures so there are plush pieces like oversized plush pieces of No-Face, a baby with a duck bill for a face, and the soot sprites.

The color palette is also inspired by Chihiro's adventure through the spirit world with pieces ranging from blush rose to black cherry. "In anime in general there's not enough color," Anderson says. "I like using strong colors. To me, it just pops more."This commitment to authenticity is a big reason why the collaboration works so well. There's an equal amount of Ghibli and LOEWE in every piece from the embroideries on dresses to the kimono-inspired silhouettes. "It was definitely a labor of love," Anderson says.